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If you already have a Gas line installation but you don’t know if its legal? Compare it to the following diagrams or give us a call to make sure.

Outside Installation

Containers shall be at least

Doors, Windows & Airbricks

1 m away from  any  opening  (into  a  building)  that  is  below  the  level  of  the  container  valve,  e. doors, windows and airbricks,b) 2 m away from any drain, pit or manhole,

3 m away  from  the  property  boundary,  unless  the  boundary  has  a  firewall,  in  which  case  the  containers  could  be  next  to  the  firewall and  where  there  are  only  two  containers,  the boundary distance can be reduced to 1 m, and

3 m away from any opening (or window) directly above the containers. The 3 m distance from the top of the cylinder, valve connection or the manifold whichever is the higher, to the bottom of the window(s) may be reduced to a minimum of 300 mm providing that


4) a non-combustible  roof  (see  SANS  10400)  is  installed  between  the  containers  and  the    The  roof  shall  extend  beyond  the  cylinder(s)  such  that  when  measured  from  the  valve connection and around the roof to the nearest point of the window a minimum of 1,5 m safety distance shall be obtained, or

5) the window  frames  shall  be  steel  and  the  total  size  of  the  glazing  does  not  exceed  1  Glazing  shall  be  of  wire  woven  glass  not  larger  than  450  mm  ×  450  mm  per  pane.  Such windows shall not be openable.

6) where a roof  is  installed  over  the  cylinders  there  shall  be  sufficient  space  above  the  cylinder  valves  to  facilitate  the  exchange  of  Roof structures of concrete shall not be installed above the manifold or cylinder

Electrical Points

7) 5m away from a switchable electrical point i.e. plug socket, Inline power isolator, Aircon units, Pool pumps, Water pumps etc. Note, a wall light only needs to be 1.5m to the left/right of the bottles, or 1.5m above the bottles.

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